Bid Team Program

Bid Team is a government contracting training program that focuses on bidding and winning service contracts on, and includes teaming with subcontractors and learning legal middleman regulations. This program does not teach you how to perform on contracts or operate your business.

This a 12-month program that consists of 1) a self-study Bid Training Program, 2) a live interactive FB group community, as well as 3) weekly live coaching and mentoring in a tight-knit group with Derek James. Students also are permitted a +1 to enjoy the same benefits to allow a spouse or business partner/team member to also fully participate in the program. This is a membership program for 1-year. After one year, you will have an opportunity to stay in the group with a renewed membership fee. We do this to keep the group setting intimate for coaching calls and engaging for members.

Prerequisites to applying to the program:

●       Student must have a business and that business must already be registered in with an assigned CAGE code.

●       Student must be able to price their own goods/services and business operating expenses. This program does not teach you how to price your business.

●       Student must be pursuing service contracts. We do not support Products or Real Estate businesses as they are entirely different models.

●       Student must be a U.S. citizen or green card holder. There are complexities to running a foreign-owned business that this program does not accommodate.

●       Student must be struggling to bid on and have a strong need to invest in the support we offer.

To Apply:

Email [email protected]

Subject Line: "Bid Team Application Request"

Email us and we will reply with the Bid Team Application for you to review, complete, and return.