Start Bidding on in 30 Days or Less!

What is the program?

FirstFedBid is Derek's Flagship self-study course that shows you how to bid and win federal government contracts on

The course is broken down into 11 easy-to-follow action steps that require you to TAKE ACTION!

There is no sitting back in your chair half asleep watching hour long videos. Derek designed this program to be short videos that give you specific tasks to complete each step of the way, with him sharing his screen while you follow along.

Who is this program for?


Any small business owner that has their small business registered in, and is attempting to bid on their own, but is finding the bidding process overwhelming and intimidating. Maybe they've even submitted their first bid on their own, but they didn't feel confident about it and do not expect to win.

The outcomes of this training are:

✔️ You will be finding LIVE bids on that are a close match for your capabilities and umbrella of services, and then you will automate this process so that the searches auto run and feed you qualified bid prospects.

✔️ Since time is money, you will learn Derek's shortcut process and use his Speed Reader tool for quickly sorting through your "good" prospects from the "bad" ones to develop a short list of LIVE bids that you want to move forward with and start bidding on.

✔️ Once you have one or more LIVE bids to work on, Derek will take you in-depth, and with multiple real examples, to show you how to read and respond to your Solicitation bid so that you are compliant and competitive with your offer to the government.

✔️ After you have completed your First Federal Bid submission, Derek shows you his winning system on how to scale up, play the numbers game, and improve with each bid submission moving forward so that you can find your sweet spot bid-to-win ratio and forecast how many contracts you will win per quarter and per year.

You will REALLY win contracts if you DO THE WORK in this course. Derek requires all of his coaching clients to go through this program and it's regularly updated. No more second guessing, being overwhelmed, or feeling like you're learning a second language.

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