Editable Government Contracting Capability Statement: Intelligence & Cybersecurity Services


Brand New Format: 1-Side Only!

Over the past year, we have received many requests for the 1-sided version of our Capability Statements, and they have finally arrived!

This format is PERFECT for those who do not have past experience yet to showcase as we do in the double-sided format.

This 1-sided format shares the bare essentials that a US Federal procurement official would need to see on your company's capability statement.

We want to give you as many options as possible, so ALL capability statement downloads NOW include their 1-sided counterparts when you purchase and enroll. Existing students will also see this new format grandfathered in to their existing course curriculum free of charge.

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Capability Statement Design Studio™

Capability Statement Design Studio™ is Your Partner in Customizing Your Capability Statement

Are you excited to get your capability statement but worried that you may not have the skills to customize it properly for your govcon business?

We've got you covered!

Derek James has recorded a 13-video tutorial that walks you through Step-By-Step how to change literally everything in the template to truly make it your own!

Capability Statement Design Studio will Teach you:

Part 1. Writing the Capability Sections

How to change text
Update POC and Company Info
Mission Statement
Company Overview
List Your Technical Services
NAICS Codes & PSC Codes
Past Performance Table
Quality and Dedicated Team

Part 2. Designing and Implementing Your Brand

Changing Branding Colors
Where Can I Get Photos?
Changing Photos
Insert Your Company Logo
Using Template Icons

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