Sources Sought Response Template & 5 Response Examples

7 Pages, Fully-Editable Word.doc Download AND 5 Response Examples Templates and Lessons

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Respond to Sources Sought Market Research.

This is ONLY a SAMPLE Sources Sought Response. Absolutely DO NOT send this as-is. This must be 100% customized to fit the Market Research you are responding to. The purpose of providing this template is to assist you in formulating a proper response.

(Sources Sought- Response Template Word.doc)

7-Page Response includes:

  • Opening Letter to Contracting
  • Clickable Table of Contents
  • Watermarked Confidential
  • Embedded Signature Line
  • Company Summary Profile
  • Intent-to-Bid Statement
  • Company Experience Section
  • Company Qualifications Section
  • Understanding of Requirement Section
  • Section to copy and paste questions that the government asks & sample questions that you can ask

Disclaimer: This template is intended to assist you in marketing your GovCon business. Responding to federal government market research rarely results in a government contract award. A sources sought notice is merely an agency's attempt at gauging interested vendors. Opportunities at this early stage often lack funding and the details needed to bid. If you follow GovKid Method’s process to read and respond to market research, understand that you are doing so entirely at your own risk and discretion, and that you hold GovKid Method harmless to anything resulting from your own GovCon business activities.

Any and all purchases from GovCon Academy are strictly for personal use in your GovCon Business ONLY. The reproduction, distribution or resale of the Sources Sought Response or other is strictly prohibited and will be met with a cease and desist order as well as the recuperation of damages for impeded sales to GovCon Academy.

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Derek James
Derek James

Derek James is an MBA Graduate that fell into the world of winning government contracts almost by mistake. At the age of 26, he began working for a small government contractor and started learning how to win contracts with the US Federal Government. In a very "sink or swim" environment, he barely escaped being fired in his first 3 months. Over the next few years, Derek James would go on to be very successful winning government contracts, securing over 32 Federal Contract actions worth over $15M with various US Government Agencies. Once he learned that his story is not-so-typical, Derek started helping Small Business owners to start winning contracts.

Today, Derek is passionate about teaching his strategy for winning contracts (the GovKid Method) to small business owners that want to learn how to sell to the Federal Government. Derek helps small businesses in many different capacities, depending on their needs and their ultimate goals for their business. Derek remains focused on consulting and creating resources that can help small businesses expedite their path to winning government contracts.

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